A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Get ready for an old-school RPG featuring an original soundtrack, and an epic, funny storyline!  Battle mad cows and pirates, collect the Elemental Orbs, and eventually unravel an alien conspiracy.  Download Universal Wars today!

-Created using the OHRRPGCE

-Uses OHR's new turn-based mode

-4-6 hours of gameplay

Some basic controls:

Arrow Keys: Move character up, down, left or right; highlights decisions in menus.

Enter Key: Talk to people or interact with some objects, select choices or battle commands, advance dialogue.

Esc Key: Open and close menu, cancel some decisions made during battle.

F1-F11 are cheat keys, should not be pressed if you don't want to sequence break or if you want to play the game normally.

F12: Takes a screenshot of the game.

Update: Fixed a bug that stopped a town name from displaying properly.  All Linux files are now in one zip folder.


universalwars.zip 22 MB
universalwars-mac.zip 22 MB
universal wars linux.zip 85 MB

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